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A tech blog about Clojure, BigData, and Software Architecture.


Here some of my Open Source projects which you might be interested into.


Samsara is a Real-Time analytics platform written in Clojure.

It’s is a large scale analytics platform for BigData. With this project I’m targeting users who feel the need of data analytics and they want to keep their data, as supposed to use a third-party service which it just shows you aggregated reports and not the raw data.

It can be used on both: website and mobile apps, but also in backend services. Samsara provides a end-to-end solution for collecting, ingesting, processing, enrich, query and visualize your data leveraging well established Open Source solutions like Kafka and ElasticSearch.

It has been used in large scale deployments processing over 685 million events per day, and 25 million events per hour in peak time, and over 500K clients.

Because of it’s flexible and scalable processing system you can build easily real-time solutions for your products/services. I’ve used it to build a real-time recommendation system and other machine learning solutions.

I’m looking to expand this project with more out-of-the-box machine learning modules and to create a community behind the project.


safely it’s a Clojure Circuit-Breaker and retry library with a declarative approach. The purpose of the library is to simply and effectively handle retries declaratively making sure that in a large distributed system these retries won’t cause self-similar mass behavior and causing more arm than benefit. The circuit breaker is implemented fully in Clojure and offers good features for observability..


where it’s a small Clojure/ClojureScript library to write predicate functions which are easier to read and easier to compose. It supports a number of built-in comparators which are nil safe and support case insensitive checks.


An idiomatic Clojure driver for Sophia DB. Sophia is RAM-Disk hybrid storage designed to provide best possible on-disk performance without degradation in time. Sophia is an embedded key/value store which implements a LSM storage system. Very fast and fully ACID (Serialized Snapshot Isolation - SSI) transactional support..


A library to boost performances of Clojure web applications with off-heap serverside caching. Serverside caching is uniquely positionated for effective caching it does NOT require all clients to implement caching directives on the client side. The cached payload is stored off-heap and on disk so that it doesn’t put more pressure on the Garbage Collector. Since the cache data is stored on disk it avoid the problem of a cold-restart with and empty cache. The caching logic can be completely customized to tailor your needs.


dragonfiles it’s a Clojure tools to easily process files. Most of people are familiar with the Linux tool awk. Although very powerful it lack of expressiveness. I found myself to have hundreds of thousands of file to process and I was in the middle of deciding whether shell scripting or Hadoop based solution was going to solve the problem. I wanted something easy as shell scripting, and not so heavy as Hadoop. So I decided to write a small tool to cover this middle ground where it would be too complex to develop awk scripts but not yet so big enough to move to a BigData solution. The tool allow to easily define a processing function which is applied to every file in input at once or line-by-line. You can harness the power of Clojure together with the rich Java/Clojure libraries ecosystem in a command line environment.

dragonfiles is still work-in-progress but already usable.